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Although Sasha came up short in her hard fought match at NXT TakeOver [R]Evolution, she proved every single one of her doubters, and Charlotte, that she’s not one to be taken lightly. Pulling moves out of her arsenal that most haven’t seen from her before, it looked like Sasha had this win in the bag, she even used Charlotte’s moves against her. Sasha wasn’t the only one using new moves, Charlotte pulled out some impressive moves out from her bag, as well, but Sasha was still the star of the match. The match was easily one of the best matches of the night, the crowd loved it as they chanted “This is awesome”, and “This is wrestling” during the match. Ultimately, Charlotte won hitting Natural Selection from the top rope, but this isn’t the last time Charlotte is going to Sasha. Charlotte may have won the battle, but the war has only just started.

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WWE NXT Coaches make their predictions Sasha and Charlotte’s match tomorrow at NXT TakeOver [R]Evolution:

Jason Albert: That’s a tough one for me. Sasha claims that she taught Charlotte everything Charlotte knows. But has she taught her everything Sasha knows? I have doubted Sasha in the past, but then you see her with someone like Becky Lynch, and what she’s done for her, and you start to think maybe she did create Charlotte. I’m going to go with Sasha Banks. WINNER:Sasha Banks

Sara Amato: Sasha has a real mean streak, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes it, but of all the girls I’ve ever been in the ring with, Charlotte has a focus, determination and dedication that true champions have. I’m going with Charlotte. WINNER:Charlotte

Norman Smiley: I have the pleasure, at times, of working with the Divas, and in my opinion, Charlotte is one of the best athletes that we have in NXT, so I’m going to have to give the edge, physically and strength-wise, to her. However, Sasha is The Boss. She’s going to do whatever she can do, however, wherever, whenever, to pounce and become the NXT Women’s Champion. If I had to pick one, I’m going with the champion, Charlotte. WINNER:Charlotte

Charlotte: 2, Sasha Banks: 1







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Yes, you’ve read the title correctly because now it’s the turn of CharlotteFlair.Com to take over Sasha-Banks.Com since they decided to do it to us. We’re here to give you a heads up- this Thursday, there’s no way Charlotte is losing to Sasha at NXT Takeover: R Evolution. There’s no denying that Sasha is a talented Diva who is bound to make waves when her time comes in the Divas division. Unfortunately for her, it’s not going to happen at the expense of the Genetically Superior Charlotte Flair.

Sasha seems to have convinced herself that she’s going to defeat Charlotte at NXT Takeover: R Evolution next week, but other than her BAE Becky Lynch, no one else seems to be heeding her words. Why? Because Sasha runs her mouth more than she puts her words into action. The only reason why she’s actually been winning (since, you know, she’s LOST the majority of her matches on NXT this year) is because she’s made Becky think that being ratchet- yes…RATCHET- is the way to make it to the championship. Well, Becky seems to have forgot that only one person is able to carry the NXT Women’s Championship, and I doubt Sasha is up for sharing…

As well as Sasha’s ratchetness, Charlotte has never lost a singles match since she graced us with her presence in July 2013. Hell, in her second match, she beat Sasha, so what makes the “BOSS” think it’s going to be different this time?! We have seen her overcome the odds- for example in recent months she has consistently defeated Becky Lynch. Why should that streak be broken when Sasha arranges hired help to get her to win matches? If Sasha wins, everything Charlotte worked for to get to where she’s at, just goes in the bag. Maybe Sasha should chose at R Evolution, to be real competitor and not have other people stand for her battles meaning Becky doesn’t get her hands involved…

On the December 4th episode of NXT, Bayley came out to tell Sasha what the majority of the NXT Universe thought of her: RATCHET. No offence to Bayley, but why should it be constantly repeated what is very clear and obvious to everyone in the NXT Universe?! Since NXT Takeover II, Charlotte and Bayley have gained a lot of respect for each other and they’ve grown to be allies, so Charlotte knows she has someone there (although battered by Banks & Lynch) who will have her back. Come next week, we’ll just be celebrating day 197 of the reign of the Genetically Superior NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte and will prove she’s more than what her name suggests. Flair or not, Sasha will always be inferior to Charlotte. FACT.

This fansite takeover has been brought to you by CharlotteFlair.Com, the BEST fansite for any NXT Diva, but it happens to be for the BEST NXT Diva, our champion, Charlotte. WOOOOOO!






December 5th, 2014
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With only a week left till NXT TakeOver [R]Evolution, Sasha Banks has never been more focused on grasping the NXT Women’s Championship than she was on tonight’s NXT. After Charlotte’s match, Sasha struts out with a mic in hand, and a boss-ified re-make of Charlotte’s t-shirt, and  starts tearing into Charlotte. She tells Charlotte that Charlotte’s win over Mia Yim was impressive and demands that Charlotte give her the NXT Women’s Championship because she’s going to win it anyways next week. Charlotte starts a ‘ratchet’ chant and Sasha sort of snaps saying that Charlotte thinks she’s special because her last name is Flair and that she has more flair than Charlotte and her ‘little daddy’ has combined. Bayley limps out to interrupt Sasha by telling her to ‘How about you shut your ratchet mouth up”, so in retaliation, Sasha knocks Bayley’s crutches out from underneath her and kicks Bayley in her injured leg. Charlotte momentarily scares Sasha away but Sasha comes back and jumps on Charlotte but Charlotte catches her and carries her to the ring with Sasha kicking and hitting all the way there. Becky Lynch comes out to save the day by distracting Charlotte long enough for Sasha to jump on her from behind and hit her with a backstabber. Sasha laughs and stands above a laid out Charlotte and poses with the title. A look into the future, maybe?  Tune in next week on the WWE Network for TakeOver [R]Evolution.

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